⌁ Supercharge Design Review Speed with Item Sets

 Tell me if you’ve run into this problem before: You’re trying to associate similar objects together in MicroStation and link those objects to external documentation, only to find out that the process for this is tedious, time consuming, and most concerning of all, manual.

You know what specifications and component-level reference material you want to connect to, but you don’t have the time to manually attach links to all of the separate model objects as you’re too busy trying to meet project deadlines, communicate with Ops & Maintenance stakeholders… and the list goes on.

Does this sound familiar?  

In his #Bentley15 lecture Getting Started with Item Sets within a Building Workflow, MicroStation trainer John Melbert shared the solution for this common issue – Item Sets. With Item Sets you can group and classify design items based on their attributes and business properties and attach links to common documents. This solution can also be used to quickly group items by construction status to speed design review, or to attach user manuals, details, or specifications documents to a group of common items.

For instance, quickly select “MEP” Item Set thereby selecting all of the Mechanical components of the design that meet the Item Set Criteria:

Discover How Item Sets Can Help your Workflow

Watch the on-demand course in the LEARNserver. Click on the course title, LEARNing Conference 2015 - MicroStation V8i, and scroll down to see the expanded course info opened to the available videos.

• Utilizing the Item Browser to view Business Data located in the model
• Visually manipulate selected sets of items through color and transparency
• Locate Items based upon a Selection Expression within the design utilizing the Search
• Attach links to common documents