New in MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 15 - (Public Technology Preview) Dark Themed UI in MicroStation CONNECT Edition

MicroStation CONNECT Edition with its latest update has improved and enhanced the feature of viewing and working in a Dark Mode environment will not only complement navigation but also ease your workflow. A variety of elements within MicroStation have been switched to Dark Mode while working in the respective file format. For example, Ribbon Bar, Title Bar, Dialogs and tool settings. Any fully dark areas in the Dark Mode will have its pixels turned completely off, so less light will cause less strain to the eyes as compared to the light emitted in the regular Light mode. Having fewer pixels illuminated means the Dark Mode can extend your battery life and guarantee lower power consumption. Since Dark Theme is a work in progress feature in the Technology Preview category, enhancements are in progress to apply Dark Theme to all tools and features in upcoming releases of MicroStation. Please note, it is not yet applicable to certain tools and features in MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 15.

The Dark Theme contained in MicroStation must be manually enabled. To do so, you can enable the Apply Dark Themed UI setting available in the Preferences Dialog setting, Look and Feel Category. Once you enable this, restart MicroStation and there will be a system-wide Dark Theme enabled, else the default mode will be the Light Mode.

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