Achieving High Speed Remote Desktop experience for HP Z Class Computers

Working with heavy duty desktop machines and carrying it around does not sound very feasible and requires a mechanism to speed up the remote desktop experience. Remote Desktop Connection in Windows offers a great way to log into that machine from your personal computer, when you are working from home or from a remote location.

HP has introduced a better alternative with the latest pro-grade solution that harnesses the power of a Z Workstation. It is called HP Z Central Remote Boost. It gives your users the performance boost they need to tackle some of the most demanding, graphics-intensive projects from anywhere. Formerly known as Remote Graphics Software (RGS), this is the same software with enhanced capabilities.

Note: This power tool is provided by HP for HP Z class computers. While MicroStation has not been fully certified on this remote desktop tool, our initial tests look promising and therefore we’re sharing it with our users early. We look forward to your feedback.


Click here to view to the entire guide on how to use HP Central Z Central Remote Boost.

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