CELLTOOL and STEEL Soon to be Available for MicroStation CONNECT Edition Users

Following up on the requests of some of our users, we made the CELLTOOL and STEEL MDL apps available for MicroStation CONNECT Edition and will soon be available for download.

In MicroStation CONNECT Edition, you can access these tools from:

Utilities > MDL Applications in the Ribbon

Cell Tool

The CellTool application provides some useful extensions to MicroStation’s standard cell placement tool. CellTool gives you the ability to:

  • Place Active Cell with an interactive rotation angle
  • Place Active Cell on a selected element with interactive rotation angle
  • Place Active Cell on an element by partially deleting the target element to fit the cell.
  • Place multiple copies of the active cell along or offset from a selected element at a given distance between each copy.


The Steel MDL application allows you to select and place steel sections from an available list of standards in your designs.

Please stay tuned for updates and available downloads.