Composing Drawings Blog Series – Building Design blog 4 of 4

In the previous blog, we learnt about adding sheets to the sheet index and customizing the sheet index numbering. Once all the sheets are included in the sheet index, you want to create a report of sheet index and place it as a table. Let’s see how to do it.

Placing the Sheet Index as a Table

Placing the sheet index in the form of a table is pretty simple.

  1. In the Explorer’s Sheet Index tab, click the Place sheet index as a table icon.
    The Place Table tool starts.
  2. In the Place Table tool settings window, turn on the Retain Association check box.
  3. Enter a data point in the view window to place the table containing the sheet index.
    At the same time, a sheet index report is created in the Reports dialog.

Modifying the Sheet Index Report

Once a sheet index report is created, you may want to add more sheets to the sheet index or modify the columns of the report to add more information in the sheet index table. If the Retain Association option is selected while placing the sheet index table, you can update the table to include the modifications. In this procedure, we will add a sheet to the sheet index, change the columns of the report, and then learn how to update the existing sheet index table to include these modifications.

  1. In the Explorer dialog, add the sheet model Cover Sheet to the sheet index.
  2. Open Reports dialog (Drawing > Home > Analyze > Reports).
  3. Expand the Sheet Index report and the Columns property within it.
  4. With Columns selected, click the Add columns link in the Properties section. The Select Columns to Add dialog opens.
  5. Expand Model Link > General and turn on Model Name.
  6. Click OK. The Model Name property is added to the Columns.
  7. Select the table placed in the previous procedure. The row and column headings are displayed.
  8. Right-click on the row or column heading and select Refresh Table from Data Source. The table is updated with the new sheet and the Model Name column.

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