Configuration Blog Series - DGNWS File and WorkSet Template

In the CONNECT Edition, a new file extension .dgnws has been introduced. The DGNWS file is specific for a WorkSet. In other words, each WorkSet has an associated DGNWS file and has the same file name as the WorkSet name. It is located within the WorkSet folder. You can move it to another location by pointing it in the _USTN_WORKSETDGNWSROOT config variable.

A DGNWS file contains following information pertaining to the WorkSet:

  • Default WorkSet properties such as Name, Description, etc.
  • Custom WorkSet properties, in case you add them while creating a WorkSet.
  • Sheet index – This is a very useful feature for managing sheets and their numbering in each WorkSet
  • Link Set – A link set specific to the WorkSet is created in the DGNWS file. You can add links that you want to be available while working on a file in your WorkSet (project).

WorkSet Template

Consider a scenario where you have multiple projects of a client and each project should use the same standards as well as folder structure. For each project you will create a WorkSet. However, creating the same folder structure manually and copying the same standards for each WorkSet shouldn’t be a manual task. The WorkSet Template feature does this for you. Additionally, it also copies the DGNWS and WorkSet configuration file for you.

So, what all does a WorkSet Template copy?

  • Folder structure - the root WorkSet folder and its subfolders such as Standards, DGN and Out.
  • Files (Optional) - files contained in WorkSet, including  DGNs, DGNLibs, cells, etc.
  • DGNWS – This includes the sheet index, WorkSet link set, and custom properties (if any) stored in the template DGNWS file.

How do you use WorkSet Template?

Any WorkSet in your existing WorkSpace can be used as a template for new WorkSet. In the Create WorkSet dialog, the Template drop-down lists the available WorkSets. Select the desired WorkSet to be used as a template.

If you want to just copy the folder structure and not the files within them, turn on the adjacent toggle. 

In the above image, observe that when you select a template, the Folder Locations settings are disabled, because, those are cloned from the template WorkSet.

translated German Wiki article:
Konfiguration Wiki/Blog Serie – DGNWS Datei- und WorkSet-Vorlage