Configuration Blog Series - Folder Structure Changes

In the previous blog, you learned the terminology changes between V8i and CONNECT. Now let us see the folder structure changes.

Installation Directory

As the CONNECT Edition release of MicroStation is a 64 bit application, it is by default installed in C:\Program Files\ directory, as against the C:\Program Files (x86)\ directory. You can change this location while installing the application.

Configuration Directory

The WorkSpace directory, that previously contained all the standards, examples, and project data is now renamed as Configuration. Some more changes are done to it. The following graphic will show you the difference between the old and new directory structure.

The Interface folder is removed. The function key, button assignments, and stuff that used to be in this folder is now defined in DGNLibs.

The Systems folder is now moved within the Default folder in the MicroStation’s program directory (C:\Program Files\Bentley\MicroStation CONNECT Edition\MicroStation\Default\)

The WorkSpaces folder can contain one or more WorkSpaces. Each WorkSpace in turn can contain one or more WorkSets. A sample WorkSpace called "Example" containing a WorkSet "MetroStation" is delivered with MicroStation. The MetroStation project is a complete multi-disciplinary project of an underground rail station. It also contains various sample files and videos that highlight the new features of the MicroStation CONNECT Edition.

The Users folder is removed as each user has its own personal .ucf and .upf file which is not affected by selection of other Configuration components.


Standards can be now maintained with more granularity:

  • In the Organization folder, you will keep DGN libraries, seeds, etc. that will be used for all your WorkSpaces and WorkSets. In short, they will be Organization-wide.
  • For library files specific to a WorkSpace, you have individual Standards folder within each WorkSpace.
  • Similarly, library files specific to a WorkSet, you have individual Standards folder within each WorkSet.

Defining Custom Configuration

In CONNECT, the default location of the Configuration directory is C:\Program Data\Bentley\MicroStation CONNECT Edition\Configuration. However, in real world, most of the user project data and standards are at server locations. You can define the location of configuration to such location from the installer wizard itself.

The above image shows the Configuration page of the installer. In it, select the second radio button Custom Configuration (plus Delivered Configuration). It will display the field for selection of Custom Configuration. Click the Browse button next to it and select the network configuration location.

In the next blog, we will talk about the Configuration Level changes in CONNECT.

translated German article:
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