Configuration Blog Series - Introduction

With the new version of MicroStation we introduced several new features to our Configuration system. There have been many changes and this series of blogs is going to go through and show you where to start and what you need to do to get a working MicroStation CONNECT Edition Configuration.

Let’s start with a couple of basic terminology changes. In MicroStation V8i we referred to a set variables and data as a Workspace. In MicroStation CONNECT Edition we refer to a set of variables and data as a Configuration.  The purpose of a Configuration is so that CAD Standards can be enforced and project data can be easily accessed. The configuration data is mostly your or your client’s CAD Standards and the variables points you to folders and files where it is located, as well as, sets other options in the software.

MicroStation CONNECT Edition Configuration

With all these changes many have fear, uncertainty and doubt over what to do. Let’s start by looking at what your basic options are.

Option 1: Start over with a new CONNECT Edition Configuration

Starting over may sound like a challenge but it is really a lot easier than you think and has many advantages over converting a V8i WorkSpace to a CONNECT Edition Configuration. The advantages are many:

  1. Do not need to understand a legacy Workspace and translate that into CONNECT Edition
  2. No need to worry if you missed a new variable\
  3. No need to worry if you brought a variable from V8i to CONNECT Edition that does not work anymore
  4. Start with a Best Practice
  5. Ability to make it simpler

The last point is probably the most important. We all want simplicity in our complex world. This is your chance to do it. Option 1 is surprisingly easy to do even for large organizations. There are many who want to use the V8i Workspaces because they think it will lessen the workload.

Option 2: Migrate an existing Workspace to a CONNECT Edition Configuration

If you feel comfortable with your existing workspace and understand it well then you can choose to migrate it to a CONNECT Edition Configuration. Migration can be a challenge for complex V8i Workspaces but Bentley has provided several tools to help us along the way. You can manually convert your V8i Workspace, and use the instructions given in our CAD Managers course. For some this is the best way because you have an intimate knowledge of your V8i Workspace and understand the CONNECT Edition Configuration. So, for the manual method to succeed you must know your V8i Workspace and understand the CONNECT Edition configuration well.

If you do not know both halves of this challenge then you should look to our automated tool, the Configuration Migration Wizard. The Configuration Migration Wizard will make converting a simpler V8i Workspace easy as it will make the changes to the variables that no longer exist to the CONNECT Edition counterparts. The issue that comes up is when you have a complex V8i Workspace, at this point you will need a hybrid strategy, one that involves automated and manual methods.

In our next blog, we will examine the changes in terminology.

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