Configuration Blog Series - Terminology Changes

There have been some changes in the terminologies used in CONNECT versus the previous versions of MicroStation. Let us look at them.

WorkSpace is now Configuration

What was previously called as WorkSpace is now called Configuration. The root folder containing MicroStation related content is now called Configuration, instead of Workspace. In CONNECT, WorkSpace is part of the Configuration and you can have one or more WorkSpaces. The label “WorkSpace” can be renamed.


The above diagram will give you a brief idea of the high-level changes. There are more details to the folder structure and contents that will be described in the next blog.

Project is now WorkSet

In V8i, grouping of files and associated data was referred to as projects. This term has been problematic as MicroStation users use the term Project for business purposes. This confusion has been removed by replacing Project with WorkSet.

User means a real User

In V8i, User field pointed to the UCF file, which contained your function key menus, button assignments etc. Now the User in CONNECT means actually a user who is signed into with his Bentley user account.

Standards is now Organization

The organization-wide standards that previously was the Standards folder within WorkSpace is now called Organization in the Configuration directory. You can have different sets of standards at various levels such as Organization-level, WorkSpace-level, and WorkSet-level.

"Site" and "Project" Configuration Levels Renamed

The “Site” and “Project” Configuration levels have been renamed to “Organization” and “WorkSet”. Two more Configuration levels have been added in CONNECT, viz, “WorkSpace” and “Role”. We’ll learn more about them in later blogs.  

In the next blog, we will have a look at the folder structure changes in CONNECT.

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