One Configuration: Part 2 of 3 – Adapting an Application in a Project

In the previous blog, you saw how to use application-specific standards for the same project. However, it was missing details about how you place the files and folders within the application-specific standards subfolders. The simplest way to do this is:

  1. Create a template WorkSet “Standards” folder that contains standards for the three applications that will be used in the project, along with the common standards.
  2. In one of the applications, say ORD, create a WorkSpace, and in it create the WorkSet “CityPlan” using the template WorkSet.

Once created, the WorkSet will have the WorkSet’s Standards folder (..\CityPlan\Standards\), with all the standards for each application in it.

But now consider the scenario where one more Bentley application is to be included in the project, say Bentley Substation, for electrical designs. Since your WorkSet is already created, to make Bentley Substation part of the WorkSet, you will have to manually copy Substation’s standards into CityPlan’s Standards folder (..\CityPlan\Standards\Substation) and create Substation.cfg that will contain configuration variable definitions you want to access at WorkSet Standards level for Bentley Substation. Note that this file and folder structure creation process is manual. As of now, there isn’t an automated way to selectively include standards of Bentley applications during WorkSet creation or after the WorkSet is created. This can be useful when applications are included at different times in a project lifecycle and we are looking to introduce something in that regard in near future.

Translated German Wiki article:
CONNECT Edition - Eine Konfiguration: Teil 2 von 3 - Anwendung in einem Projekt anpassen