Advancing to MicroStation 2023 and CONNECT Edition

MicroStation CONNECT Edition is Professional Grade CAD that enables you to take a massive leap forward with cool features such as Item Types, Sheet Index, Parametric Modeling, and many more. Have you started using powerful properties-based features like Reports, Tables, and Display Rules in your projects yet? Additionally, there are also features such as Configuration, Ribbon UI, though different are more advanced than previous MicroStation versions. To help you in leveraging these advanced features and getting started with CONNECT Edition, we’ve put together an informative playlist of blog posts.  Do you need to provide more convincing reasons to motivate your colleagues or admins to or, even Help Moving to CONNECT today? Also consider to Get Accredited Today (Video)! Please read on for a lot more topics of interest.


  1. Please view Bentley's COVID-19 response and Software Working From Home - FAQ to ensure a smooth transition and continued access to all your Bentley products like MicroStation.
  2. MicroStation V8 Product Support ends on 1/1/2022. Additional Insights and Bentley Application Version Numbering.

Modeled in MicroStation CONNECT Edition


Like V8i? You'll Love CONNECT!

Advancing your V8i WorkSpace to CONNECT Edition Configuration

Advancing your Custom V8i MDLAPPs to CONNECT Edition

  • Product Functionality or Updates that Replace Legacy applications

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