Controlling Access to WorkSpace/WorkSet Selection

While reviewing the changes to the MicroStation Configuration during a recent training engagement, a class participant inquired as to whether there was any way to control or limit access to the WorkSpace/WorkSet selection.

In the MicroStation CONNECT Edition a WorkSet equates to a “project”, with a WorkSpace acting as a grouping for related WorkSets. Within an organization a WorkSpace may be used represent a Client, with its associated WorkSets being the individual projects for that client. The configuration variable _USTN_WORKSPACELABEL can then be used to define the label applied to WorkSpaces that the user sees in the user interface. The format for using this configuration variable is:


This allows the WorkSpace label to meet the specific needs of an organization. Possible uses for the label may include Client, Department, Discipline or Unit.

WorkSpaces and WorkSets are a powerful feature, providing User-selectable access to 2 levels of the MicroStation configuration. However, not all organizations want their Users to be able to select or create a WorkSpace/WorkSet. Access to these features can be controlled through the configuration variable MS_CONFIGURATIONOPTS.

This variable is defined using a comma separated list, and may be added to any configuration file at any level of configuration.

Possible values include:

  • DisallowSelectingWorkSpace
  • DisallowSelectingWorkSet
  • DisallowCreatingWorkSpace
  • DisallowCreatingWorkSet

A scenario for using this variable:

A company does not want their Users to be able to create a WorkSpace or a WorkSet. These capabilities are reserved for Team Leaders and members of their CAD Management Team. However, they do require that a User be able to select a WorkSpace or WorkSet. The MS_CONFIGURATIONOPTS variable can be defined such that WorkSpace/WorkSet creation is not allowed, while still providing the ability to select an existing WorkSpace/WorkSet. When configuring this variable for Users, the following variable definition would be used:

MS_CONFIGURATIONOPTS = DisallowCreatingWorkSpace, DisallowCreatingWorkSet

Something to be aware of…

When opening a file that is associated to a WorkSpace/WorkSet other than the active WorkSpace/WorkSet, a Mismatch Alert will still be presented. If the User were to select “Use and activate…” this would in effect allow the User to access a different WorkSpace/WorkSet.

Translated German Wiki article:
CONNECT Edition - Zugriff auf WorkSpace/WorkSet-Auswahl steuern