Convincing Your Clients to Upgrade to MicroStation CONNECT Edition

We at Bentley understand your dilemma as users who wish to upgrade to MicroStation CONNECT Edition but face client mandates to continue delivering projects on V8i. A lot of our users at various consulting design firms have expressed their helplessness over this issue where they are into contracts with clients who make the use of V8i mandatory for their projects. Such client mandate serves as a major roadblock in the path to upgrading and using more advanced software.

Given the stability of V8i over the past many years, it is understandable that many of your clients are reluctant to let you make the move to CONNECT Edition. But here is what they need to know about V8i:

  1. Further development of MicroStation V8i has come to a complete halt
  2. Support for MicroStation V8i will soon be terminated and it will be a non-compliant software
  3. V8i is far more vulnerable to security threats than the CONNECT Edition
  4. CONNECT has better licensing administration as compared to V8i

If you are stuck in a similar situation, here is what you can do. Please use this PDF, which presents compelling reasons to switch to MicroStation CONNECT Edition, to present to your clients so they understand the perks of upgrading. Use this template email,  which enlists the key benefits of upgrading to CONNECT Edition and tweak it to suit your target recipients.

If you wish to communicate the same to your colleagues, CAD Managers or Management in your organization you will also find this article useful.

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