Custom Line Style Series Part 1: 3D Line Styles

MicroStation’s custom line styles can be used to add additional definition and clarity to a design, displaying sophisticated graphics, by simply selecting a line style and drawing a line. This includes both 2D and 3D design environments. Custom line styles can range from quite simple, displaying nothing more than a series “dashes”, to quite sophisticated displays of embedded graphics, 3D geometry, and in the MicroStation CONNECT Edition, raster images.

The techniques used in creating “3D” line styles are essentially the same as those for creating a “2D” line style. A Name is tied to one or more line style components such as Strokes, Points and Compounds. The 3D geometry is provided through the Point components and can represent virtually anything that is repeated at a regular interval. In the example shown below, the 3D geometry is in the form of a Jersey Barrier.

To place a 3D line style in your model, a basic drawing tool such as SmartLine or a B-spline curve can be used. Here, A simple 2D element was draped onto a 3D surface, with a guardrail custom line style then applied.

Examples of where 3D custom line styles can be used:

  • Fences
  • Railings
  • Barriers
  • Planters
  • Construction cones

You are limited only by your imagination.

If you would like to "test drive" some 3D custom line styles, the attached line style resource library (.rsc) contains several examples. These custom line styles can be added to your existing configuration by placing the 3DLineStyles.rsc in your resource library search path defined by the configuration variable: MS_SYMBRSRC

Download link3DLineStyles.rsc

Note: This resource library is configured for use with the MicroStation CONNECT Edition. The geometry it contains is based upon the default MicroStation color table. The 3D line style colors may appear differently when used in a DGN file with other than the standard color table.

For more information on creating custom line styles, visit the course on the Bentley LEARNserver.

Bentley LEARNserver courseCreating Custom Line Styles

Happy LEARNing!