Customization Blog series: Customizing the Ribbon - Blog 2 of 4

Creating Custom Ribbon Components

In this blog, we will use the Customize Ribbon dialog and create custom ribbon components such as workflow, tab, and ribbon group. To know more about each of these, refer to my previous blog.

In this example, we will create a customized ribbon that contains a simplified set of tools, grouped together, that a typical roadway designer will use while working on roadway projects.

Note: Ribbon customizations are saved in a .dgnlib file and read from the location pointed by MS_GUIDGNLIBLIST configuration variable. A sample DGNLib (UI.dgnlib) containing customizations explained in this blog is attached here. You can save it at a path pointed by MS_GUIDGNLIBLIST.

Creating a Workflow

Let us create a new workflow called “Roadway”.

  1. Open the Customize Ribbon dialog from File > Settings > User > Customize Ribbon.
  2. In the Customize Ribbon dialog, click the New Workflow icon.
    A new workflow is created.
  3. Rename it to Roadway and press <Enter>.
    Observe that the new workflow has (Pending) mentioned in its label. This means that the workflow is created but is not saved.
  4. Click Apply to save the workflow.
    The changes are now saved to the DGNLib file. Observe that the workflow now says (Custom) in its label

A wonderful thing about ribbon customization is that you can check the changes as you make and save them. Click the Workflow drop-down and check that the new Roadway workflow is created.

Creating a Tab and a Ribbon Group

In the Roadway workflow, we will add a new tab and within it a ribbon group.

  1. In the Customize Ribbon dialog, select the Roadway workflow.
  2. Click the New Tab icon.
    A new tab is created within the workflow.
  3. Name the tab as Drafting and press <Enter>.
  4. Click the New Group button.
    A ribbon group is created within the Drafting tab.
  5. Name the ribbon group as Common Tools.
    We will add buttons to this ribbon group in the next blog.
  6. Click Apply.

Adding Existing Tab and Ribbon Group

While customizing, you will find that some tab or ribbon group is designed such that it can be used as is in your customization. Following steps will guide you to add an existing tab and a ribbon group to your custom ribbon:

  1. In the Customize Ribbon dialog, select the Roadway workflow.
  2. In the Choose components from drop-down, select Tabs.
  3. From the list box below, select the Drawing Aids tab and drag it inside the Roadway workflow.
  4. Now expand the Drafting tab.
  5. In the Choose components from drop-down, select Groups.
  6. From the list box select Detailing group and click Add.
    The Detailing ribbon group is added within the Drafting tab, above the Common Tools ribbon group.
  7. Click the Move Down button  .
    The Detailing ribbon group is moved below the Common Tools ribbon group. 

In the next blog, we will add tools to the new ribbon group and also create custom buttons and split buttons.

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