Item Types' EC Expressions - New in MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 12

MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 12 introduces a new, exciting Technology Preview General Access Feature: Item Types' EC Expressions

The EC Expression framework is extremely powerful and allows us to return a value calculated from properties of the same Item Type.

For example, the expression in the property above will return the result of the multiplication of the property "Volume" by the property "FluidDensity".

What is even more exciting is that you can use an EC expression to extract a property of the element the Item Type is attached to, as in this very same example has been done to define the property "Volume":

Item Types properties defined by an expression are can't be modified in instances and are displayed with the familiar grey text, same as a read-only attribute.

EC Expressions are currently released as a Technology Preview General Access Feature so make sure to test the min your environment and workflows if you want to use them in production in this early stage.


Here below is an dgn file with some example expressions to help getting you started with this new, powerful technology.

Item Types Expressions Examples.dgn

Do you want to know more about MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 12? Check out this video or look at MicroStation's help for more details!