Functional Components

The Functional Components enablement in MicroStation allows for you to experience true 3-D parametric design for advanced design modeling, leveraging both 2D and 3D constraints to accurately capture and model design intent.


The CONNECT Edition introduces a new smart and comprehensive workflow that is comprised of Parametric Cells and Item Types for creating intelligent and reusable content, ultimately minimizing the need for re-modeling.


Users can now create smart parametric models that can be driven by variables and placed as parametric cells, whose variation can be selected at placement or changed afterwards.


There is no more need to waste time creating large, ineffective libraries of virtually redundant content. Now you can create one parametric “model definition” for your content type and define its variations that you will need in your projects.


Lastly, with MicroStation CONNECT Edition, you can add business data to your content and use it for reporting, driving parametric models, and intelligent display via Display Rules. 

If you’re interested in learning how to improve your workflow and work effortlessly within MicroStation, there are dozens of QuickStart Learning Paths to get you started.