How to quickly set up V8i 3D Modeling tasks in MicroStation CONNECT Edition

MicroStation CONNECT Edition offers advanced 3D modeling tools for enabling you to carry out your complex workflows with greater flexibility and ease than MicroStation V8i. 

If you are a V8i user working on 3D modeling and are reluctant to upgrade to the CONNECT Edition because you don’t have enough time to learn the new tools, then we can understand.

MicroStation CONNECT Edition has the perfect solution for you. All the legacy V8i 3D modeling tools are made available in the CONNECT Edition so that you can switch immediately, without any disruptions in your ongoing workflows and benefit from its 64-bit architecture. 

Accessing your familiar V8i tools in the CONNECT Edition is simple. You can take advantage of the V8i Task Theme in the CONNECT Edition or you can access the Legacy tools in the Tool Boxes dialog. You can see your ongoing V8i projects through in the CONNECT Edition, using the familiar legacy tools from V8i.

For your new projects you can use MicroStation CONNECT Edition’s parametric modeling tools and work with smarter data. MicroStation CONNECT Edition is better equipped to handle wide range of mesh, solid, surface, and parametric modelling capabilities and is used by many successful design teams across the world.

In MicroStation CONNECT Edition, whether you are using the legacy tools or the new 3D modeling tools, you will benefit from the 64-bit architecture, and enjoy much faster processing and better handling of large and complex datasets. 

The video shown below demonstrates the smoother and faster operations of the 64-bit CONNECT Edition and the use and creation of rich parametric data with Constraints and Item Types associated.

Please feel free to get in touch with us to ask questions, make suggestions or give feedback on how this works out for you.

If you need to speak to a Bentley expert regarding moving to the CONNECT Edition please complete this form to have someone contact you to provide advice and assistance.