Smart 3D Modeling Blog Series: Interactive Door-Wall Assembly - Blog 1 of 2

In a design for any geometry that is to be reused multiple times, it is a good idea to create a parametric cell for the same. Parametric cells are special types of cells that are created using variables and equations to define their parameters. Many variants of the same parametric cell can be created and used to minimize rework and optimize design. It is now possible to create interactive assemblies of elements with parametric cells, where the elements automatically adjust to variations.

A simple example of this can be an assembly of a door and a wall, where size of the wall opening, hosting the door, automatically adjusts to variations in the door sizes. Such a design eliminates a lot of repetitive work. This can be achieved by creating a parametric cell for a door with variables associated with it and certain constraints applied to the door cell and the host wall.

Note: The door-wall assembly is just an example to explain parametric features such as constraints and variations in MicroStation. It isn’t intended to be a means of replacing BIM tools available in other Bentley products such as AecoSim Building Designer. The BIM tools provide advanced features for creating door-wall assembly like geometries.

Subsequent blog describes the workflow to create such an interactive Door-Wall assembly. Click here to view to same.