Jump Right into Reality Modeling in MicroStation CONNECT Edition

The first-ever Virtual Bentley LEARNing Conference wrapped last week, and it was jam-packed with insightful lectures and hands-on sessions featuring MicroStation CONNECT Edition workflows.

Riding off of the success and the excitement of the Bentley Connection Events, the virtual MicroStation series brought four different focuses over four days to the virtual platform. Bentley expert Shawn McGaffick kicked off day three with a focus on Reality Modeling.

For those who need a quick recap, reality modeling is the alignment of existing conditions, represented as reality mesh models combined with your design and construction modeling. Reality modeling is now fully integrated in MicroStation CONNECT Edition.

Reality Modeling – Integrating Acute3D models into your Workflow covers the key benefits from a Reality Model. The greatest benefit of reality modeling is that is allows you to work faster and produce better quality designs. Additional benefits include:

  • Direct integration of .3mx files, locally or cloud
  • Seamless and accurate display of as-built models
  • Fast display of models providing multiple resolutions at any zoom level
  • Optimized display, large models and data sets display without lag
  • Ease of editing, familiar MicroStation based Referencing Tool
  • Support of Geographic Coordinate Systems

If you’re interested in learning more, visit the Bentley LEARNserver to catch this course in its entirety on demand. If you’re looking for interactive live sessions, check out Bentley’s Visualization Special Interest Group meetings to learn the beauty behind visual renderings with MicroStation CONNECT Edition. These sessions occur twice for your convenience. See the schedule to register today.