Key in to set transparency for (nested) reference levels

How to set the transparency of specific levels in a master file as well as in a (nested) reference file to a specific value, using a key-in.

Actually setting the transparency is quite close to setting the display for (nested) reference levels

So also here, editing of (nested) reference levels in the master file must be allowed:
set refleveloverrides on
As that is a file specific setting, make it permanent by using:
File>Save Settings


General format for the key-in is:
level set transparency new-level-transparency [file:file-spec] level-spec

Having the above conditions set/met, in the example below it is assumed that the levels to be affected in the (nested) references end with the name: _ins
(this is a common level name ending for insulation in AutoPlant Piping files). To levels matching name, a transparency value: 50 needs to be applied.

The following keyins can be entered.
Master file:
level set transparency 50 *_ins

All direct attachments:
level set transparency 50 file:*.* *_ins

Attachments at first nest depth level:
level set transparency 50 file:*.*->*.* *_ins

Attachments at second nest depth level:
level set transparency 50 file:*.*->*.*->*.* *_ins

This is a global setting in Level Manager, so all the views are affected.
To make the levels non-transparent, run the same keyins but instead of 50 use value: 0
In a similar way the level priority etc. can be set
The *.* in the file name of course can be replaced by the intended filename.extension.
In case the file name and/or level name contains spaces, enclose those names using double quotes.
These keyins can be used in all platform products