Leverage Manufacturer Content in Autodesk™ RFA Format with MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 2

MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 2 introduces support for content in Autodesk™ RFA format.  You can place it as a parametric cell, reference it, or import it into the active DGN model.

The RFA content keeps all of its original variations (also known as “Types”) and business properties, which are stored within an Item Type. Each instance of an RFA element can be placed with a different variation ad this can be changed, after placement, from Properties.      

The feedback about RFA support in MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 2 has been overwhelmingly positive.  Here are a couple of comments we have received:       

“The RFA import function is surprisingly easy to use and works extremely well offering several methods of insertion from parametric to static cells and referencing. The options allow you to work and control content as you wish.  This also opens up MicroStation to a vast source of user and manufacturer content which would otherwise require countless hours of modelling time to re-create” -Duncan Gammie, Cad/Bim Manager, LDS-Uk

 We have successfully tested tens of thousands of RFA examples.  If you find elements that do not import as expected or ways to improve this feature, please let us know.