Like V8i ? You’ll Love CONNECT - Stay current with the latest geographic coordinate systems in MicroStation CONNECT Edition

You like MicroStation V8i, but…   

Have you ever looked for a Geographic Coordinate System (GCS) that is simply not available?  The list of Geographic Coordinate Systems in MicroStation V8i is static and “as-is”. The development to add any additional Geographic Coordinate Systems to V8i has ceased. 

You’ll Love MicroStation CONNECT Edition because…

The MicroStation CONNECT Edition has been updated numerous times over the past 3 years.  In several updates, new coordinate systems like China’s Geodetic Coordinate System (CGCS2000) or Germany’s Deutsche Bahn Reference Systems (EPSG:5681 and EPSG:5685) were added. Others such as EPSG:24500 covering an area of Singapore was updated, while others like many in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and former Czechoslovakia were added, updated and simply organized.

Save time and money and complete projects faster by being up to date. Using MicroStation CONNECT Edition ensures that your projects and designs leverage the most accurate and up-to-date Geographic Coordinate Systems.

Don’t you owe it to your designs to make sure you’re using the most current and up to date list of Geographic Coordinate Systems?  Check out MicroStation CONNECT Edition’s list of Geographic Coordinate Systems now.

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