Like V8i? You’ll Love CONNECT – Annotations from Item Types

You like MicroStation V8i, but…

MicroStation V8i allowed elements to be “tagged” with non-graphical data using Tags that were stored in Tag Sets. The Tag Data could then be used for generating simple reports but did not provide the ability to use the Tags to label elements within the design. Rather, the Tag Data displayed in the view window as though it were plain text.

  • No Tag Data labeling tool – MicroStation V8i did not contain a tool to “label” elements using attached Tag Data. The Tag Data displayed in the view as though it were text. And while many Users attempted to use the Tag Data as though it were a label, this could be quite cumbersome.
  • Tag Data Display – The display of Tags could be enabled/disabled through a View Attribute, but this controlled the display of all Tags within the view window. This would lead Users to think that Tag Data was other than it truly was…a Tag.
  • Lack of leader support – Tags were not a label. Even though they could be displayed in the view window, they were not a true label and did not support the use of a leader as did Place Note. Also, the Place Note tool did not support the inclusion of Tags within a “note” element.
  • Annotation Scale – Tag Data was essentially text. Because of this, it supported Annotation Scale. However, the Attach Tags command did not contain an Annotation Scale Lock Toggle, potentially making the use of annotative Tag Data difficult.


You’ll love the MicroStation CONNECT Edition because…

The MicroStation CONNECT Edition contains a new labeling tool that may be used to label elements based upon Item Data. Previous MicroStation editions did not contain a tool that could be used to label Tag Data.

  • Place Label tool – The Place Label tool is a new tool found in the MicroStation CONNECT Edition. This tool integrates with Item Types, allowing annotations to be created based upon Item Data. A label can be created that incorporates Text Fields that are linked directly to Items.
  • Item Data display – Item Data is truly “non-graphical” data. When an Item is attached to an element, the Item Data does not display in the view window.
  • Automatic update – Labels that contain text fields that are linked to Item Data can update automatically. If the Item is updated, the label can also update.
  • Leader support – A Label can be placed with or without an integrated leader.
  • Annotation Scale Support – The Place Label tool contains an Annotation Scale Lock Toggle, making it easy to implement the use of Annotation Scale when placing labels.
  • Associative – The Place Label tool supports associativity by allowing a label to be placed associative to its element, as well as maintain a relative association.

The use of the new Place Label tool can improve the speed and accuracy of labeling in your designs. Give the MicroStation CONNECT Editions Place Label tool a try today!

If you’re interested in speaking with a Bentley expert about making the move to MicroStation CONNECT Edition, please complete this form to have someone contact you to provide advice and assistance.