Like V8i? You'll Love CONNECT – Locate Anything in Your Designs


You like MicroStation V8i, but…

Ever use Project Explorer in MicroStation V8i?  Then you know it was used to create and manage links to project data, such as other DGN’s, DWG’s, Office Documents, or even PDF’s.  Project Explorer, a very useful dialog, lacked the critical capability to search for objects within the design. For example, needing to locate a particular manhole, drainage structure or even room or building.

You’ll Love MicroStation CONNECT Edition because…

The new Explorer, in MicroStation CONNECT Edition, extends Project Explorer found in MicroStation V8i. With the new Explorer, you can manage project data in a browser-like interface for files, links, items, resources, and sheet indexes.  Let it become your central resource for organizing project data.

Search for objects across all resources, perform a simple search, a search based on criteria, or much more advanced search:

  • Use a simple search, such as text.
  • A Criteria search, such as areas above certain square footage or type of valve for example.
  • Use the Advanced search building a complex search that can be saved for later, such as all the areas above a certain square meter but below another value.  Search results are saved as report definitions for use later.

Visualize your data with new viewing tools, toggle them on individually or in any combination:

  • Transparent – This turns the graphics that are not associated with the selected items invisible. Selected item(s) remain opaque.
  • Zoom – This will zoom to the selected items.
  • Isolate – This displays only the selected item’s graphics.  All other graphics are hidden.

So, with MicroStation CONNECT Edition, the enhanced capabilities found within the Explorer dialog will allow you to query the data and thereby, locate anything in your designs.