Like V8i? You’ll Love CONNECT – Stay Current with DWG Files

You like MicroStation V8i, but…

For many organizations working with multiple file formats is a requirement of their design and engineering software. MicroStation V8i offered many innovations and enhancements, including support for AutoCAD DWG files. This began in the initial release of V8i with reading/writing 2009 DWG files, with this followed by the implementation of RealDWG Libraries in subsequent versions supporting 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2016 DWG formats and Object Enablers.

The AutoCAD format has continued to evolve with new versions of AutoCAD having been released, the DWG file format updated, and a variety of applications such as Civil 3D also updated potentially making the Object Enablers you used obsolete. This constant change in AutoCAD can cause you concerns, including:

  • Autodesk has continued to update the AutoCAD DWG format.
  • New versions of Object Enablers have been released.
  • The RealDWG Engine in MicroStation V8i will not be updated.

With future development in MicroStation V8i having ceased, you may wonder how you are going to continue supporting the use of DWG files.


You’ll love the MicroStation CONNECT Edition because…

The MicroStation CONNECT Edition is the latest software offering from Bentley Systems, offering unparalleled interoperability with support for a multitude of file formats and versions. This includes updated support for AutoCAD DWG files.

  • Support for 2018/2019 DWG file format
  • RealDWG 2016 support – MicroStation CONNECT Edition
  • RealDWG 2017 support – MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 4
  • RealDWG 2018 support – MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 7
  • Updated support for Object Enablers

When implementing the MicroStation CONNECT Edition, you will no longer see RealDWG listed in your installed programs. Rather, RealDWG has been integrated into the MicroStation installation and no longer appears as a separate application listed in your installed Programs.

Do you have the need to incorporate DWG files into your MicroStation based workflows? Start using RealDWG 2018 with the MicroStation CONNECT Edition today!