MicroStation classes on weekends and evenings. Are you interested?


My name is Tom Dywanski from Bentley Systems and I teach MicroStation classes - all levels, all versions. I'm very good at what I do. I have used MicroStation since 1989 as a civil designer and CAD Manager. I've joined Bentley Systems in the year 2001. I love answering questions during my classes. Here is my "rant" about questions - sorry about poor audio, I'm planning to re-record my "selfie" with a lapel microphone.


My classes are all about you - making sure that you learn what you need.

So... I have a question for you...what's preventing your from taking the training? Time? Would it help you if we offer some courses after business hours: evenings and weekends? What do you think? What classes would you like to see?

We are thinking about scheduling some distance learning classes in September.

Thank you!