MicroStation CONNECT Edition's Automated Deliverables

In today’s world, infrastructure projects are very complex with many deliverables requiring data-rich files. MicroStation CONNECT Edition can help save time by aiding in automated deliverables. With the CONNECT Edition, you can automate sheet generation with the Detailing Tool set located under the Annotate ribbon tab. This includes options to generate Plans, Details, Sections and Elevations within your 3D Model.

Additionally, MicroStation CONNECT Edition facilitates a way to automatically include these sheets into the Sheet Index. Managing the sheets in the Sheet Index are easily done by simple drag-and-drop operations.



Moreover, the CONNECT Edition has another new capability to prepare automated deliverables – the ability to generate and place reports and tables.



As seen below, you can report on various items in your file and place a table in your sheet without having to manually input the data. Creating a customizable cover sheet with your Sheet Index is as simple as placing the table on your sheet.

As result, MicroStation allows you to leverage data-driven comprehensive BIM models to automate the creation and sharing of project deliverables such as drawing sheets, schedules, models, visualizations, and more.

If you’re interested in learning how to improve your workflow and work effortlessly within MicroStation, there are dozens of QuickStart Learning Paths to get you started.