MicroStation CONNECT Edition's Integrated Ribbon Search

The MicroStation CONNECT Edition has a number of advanced features in the ribbon intended to help a user be more productive. One such feature includes a ribbon search that searches for tools or dialogs across multiple workflows and ribbon tabs, the ability to show or hide features in the ribbon, and more.

 The Ribbon Search is located in the top-right corner of the ribbon. To begin your search, you can press F4 or simply click into the search field to give focus. From there, you can enter the partial or full name of the tool or dialog and you will get a list of results with the given name in a window below the Search field. The search results are categorized by Ribbon, Backstage, and Quick Access Toolbar.

 In this example, you wish to create a Saved View. Being new to the ribbon, you are not familiar where to launch the dialog from. So just a few characters typed into the Search field are needed. In this case, “sav”.

Clicking the command (icon) in Search activates the tool rather than opening the access point. If a tool is activated from the search result, MicroStation stores this use and next time the tool is listed in the Most Recently Used category in the search result.

Upon hovering your cursor over the search result, the details of the tool will expand, showing the access points for the tool within the ribbon.

This tool is located in two locations:

  • The View tab of the Drawing workflow
  • In the Drawing workflow, from the Primary group of the Home tab, located in a split button

When you click an access point, that particular command will not activate. What will happen instead, is that MicroStation will navigate to the location of that particular command.

For example, here, the access point Drawing > View was selected. Take notice from the image below how the active workflow is now Drawing and the View tab is active. Again, this will not activate the command but rather navigate you to the location of the command that you were searching for.

So have faith that the challenge of learning the intricacies of using a “new” software package will be drastically reduced. Because with the integrated ribbon search found in the MicroStation CONNECT Edition, this will help you locate the right tool for the job.