MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 4

With the release of MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 4, now is the time to take advantage of the latest commercial features that can help with your existing projects. One feature that was introduced as a Technology Preview in MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 3, that is now a commercial feature, is the Configuration Migration Wizard.

The Configuration Migration Wizard allows you to selectively remap your existing MicroStation V8i Workspace so that MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 4 can be used on those projects.

Speaking of projects, be sure to check out the new Project Standards Sharing feature that is a Technology Preview for MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 4. With this feature, you can easily share your project standards to the CONNECT Project Portal to be used with other team members to ensure consistency with standards such as cell libraries, dgnlib’s, etc.


When another project team member opens a file that is associated with that CONNECTED Project, they will automatically receive any updates or changes to the Project Standards.

As new members come aboard your CONNECTED Project, there may be some new workflows or tools that they may want to explore and find out more information about to help streamline the project. MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 4 has introduced the CONNECT Advisor as a Technology Preview, which is your one stop hub for all queries.

Do a search in CONNECT Advisor from the icon in the upper right hand corner next to the help symbol and it will search multiple repositories such as Bentley Communities, Bentley LEARNserver and the Bentley YouTube channel. CONNECT Advisor will then bring back the search results of all of the relevant information.


If you’re interested in learning how to improve your workflow and work effortlessly within MicroStation, there are also dozens of QuickStart Learning Paths to get you started.