MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 7 is here and it's packed with productivity

MicroStation CONNECT Edition Gets a Big Update

We are pleased to announce the availability of MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 7. This major update includes some significant new capabilities!

Real-time visualization

  • In addition to MicroStation’s built-in capabilities for producing lifelike movies and renderings, every user now gets a companion installation of Bentley LumenRT to create real-time visualizations. Bentley LumenRT helps any user produce beautiful visualizations in minutes, thanks to its ease-of-use integration with Bentley’s design modeling applications and real-time environment.

  • The companion installation of Bentley LumenRT can be further extended by adding a full Bentley LumenRT license, which includes ultra-high-resolution output, virtual reality device support, and a number of valuable capabilities.

Improved data interoperability

  • Open and save to Autodesk RealDWG 2018 file format

  • Import and export of SketchUp 2016 and 2017 files

Expanded compatibility for i-model publishing

  • The ‘Publish i-models’ dialog provides the option to choose your i-model format for compatibility with any version of Bentley applications.

Issue resolution service enhancements

  • View details, attachments, and comments related to issues in a detail grid when hovering over a punch list.

  • Create new punch list items.

  • Open, Show Attachments, Show Comments, Locate, and Capture the Screen from the right click menu in the punch list.

Features moving from technology preview to commercial release status

  • ProjectWise ContextShare Browser - Quickly and easily access reality meshes directly from the ProjectWise ContextShare cloud service. This new browser lets you select, attach, and stream reality meshes that have been attached to a ProjectWise CONNECTED project.

  • Scalable Mesh File Support - MicroStation now supports the scalable mesh (.3sm) file format, a new engineering-precision mesh format for consuming reality modeling data. Scalable meshes are suitable for displaying, analyzing, and editing large 3D meshes for use within CONNECT Edition Bentley design applications.

New technology preview features

  • Raster Custom Linestyles - Use a raster image for creating custom linestyles that are unique and improve styling to files.

  • Direct Edit of Items - Edit items directly from the Edit Item dialog when right-clicking on an element with an item type(s) attached.

  • Bing Maps Background Map - Easily display a street map, aerial imagery, or hybrid imagery (streets and street names superimposed on aerial imagery) as background, using Microsoft’s Bing Maps with any 2D or 3D design model that has a geographic coordinate system attached.

Learn More

For the full list of what's new and changed, please refer to the Help section within MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 7. For a guided tour of the new capabilities, you can watch this recorded webinar.

Getting Started

To update your current installation of MicroStation CONNECT Edition, simply sign into the CONNECTION Client and check for application updates. Otherwise, MicroStation CONNECT Edition x64 (Full) Update 7 can be downloaded from SELECT CONNECTservices.