MicroStation - Hypermodeling

MicroStation’s advanced parametric 3D modeling capabilities allow infrastructures of any discipline to deliver data-driven, BIM-ready models. You can get all the advantages of BIM without the need to change your existing workflows and as you know, MicroStation enables dozens of capabilities to work effortlessly and seamlessly.

This includes Hypermodeling. MicroStation allows you to provide deeper insight into design through a rich, visual 3D experience that integrates annotated documentation into 3D models.

So, what does this look like? At first glance, 3D models can be quite complex. Thankfully, MicroStation’s sheet navigation tools allow for an easier-than-ever experience of sheet navigation within the 3D model. Additionally, knowing the context of where those sections were created within the model provides greater clarity, but the beauty and ease is really within the application.

MicroStation CONNECT Edition provides that rich visual experience by allowing you to control and see exactly where those section details may be, all within the context of the actual 3D model.

With the use of the various clip volume settings within the View Attributes, you can easily control how the display is presented to you. In the figure above you can see the section of the tunnel in the sheet as it is in relation to the 3D model.



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