MicroStation Intrinsic Geo-Coordination

More often than not, projects start with existing data and can come in many forms with many data types. MicroStation CONNECT Edition has the ability to read various data types and geo-coordinate this data. If you want to capture existing conditions to compare the data you have on-hand, MicroStation CONNECT Edition can utilize ContextCapture (*.3MX) files to help augment the data.

In the following example, we have various file types that were brought into MicroStation CONNECT Edition, but are all Geo-Coordinated so that all of the data is in the correct location.

As you can see in the screen capture below, you can compare the survey data to the existing conditions that have been captured by ContextCapture to ensure your data is flawless and accurate before designing.

Once your data is Geo-coordinated correctly, it is as simple as selecting the correct Geographic Coordinate System that you are working in, and referencing the data in MicroStation CONNECT Edition.

Never leave the accuracy of the data within your model to chance. Intrinsic Geo-coordination allows for you and your team to work in context in an intrinsically geo-coordinated environment so that your BIM models are designed in price geographic and geometric context.

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