(Update) MicroStation V8i and Windows 8.1 support

Issue :Since the release of Windows 8.1 ( The first major release to Windows 8 ) users of MicroStation V8i have requested support on this platform.


Background: The Windows 8.1 operating system was released after the last commercial MicroStation V8i release ( available at that time and thus had not been  tested and certified on this platform.


Forward :Whilst the product readme and other supporting documentation state support up to Windows 8 for the reasons explained above,  the latest commercial release of  MicroStation V8i (  has been, since then,  fully certified on Windows 8.1. There are no perceived reasons stopping users of this version upgrading to Windows 8.1.   
Should any problems be encountered please use the usual support channels.

It is recommended that users currently on Windows 8.1 upgrade to the latest version of MicroStation  when it becomes available.



Further advice should be sought if you are running vertical applications built with MicroStation technology.

The above also applies to Bentley View V8i ( ) and MicroStation PowerDraft V8i ( )