Multi-scale Details Using Annotative Hatching

In the MicroStation CONNECT Edition support for Annotation Scale has grown to include patterns (Hatch Area, Crosshatch Area, Pattern Area, and Linear Pattern). When placing a pattern, the Annotation Scale Lock Toggle is available in the patterning tool settings. With this toggle active, pattern spacing should be set to the sizing desired for printed output (on the construction document sheets).



In the illustration shown below, hatching has been placed in a drawing model. The master unit in this model is set to mm (millimeters), pattern spacing is set to 3 master units (3 mm), and the current annotation scale is 50:1 providing the patterning shown.


(Annotation scale of 1:50)


Changing the annotation scale in the model from 1:50 to 1:100 affects the annotatable elements, seen here in the form of the hatching and door cells that have been placed.


(Annotation scale of 1:100)


When details of differing scales are placed on a sheet, the scale of patterns can be a problem. When using annotative hatching, consistent pattern spacing can be maintained on the sheet as seen here.



In the sheet we have the same design information (detail) being placed at differing scales, and yet the pattern spacing remains consistent regardless of the reference attachment scale (detail scale) thanks to the ability to place annotative patterns in the MicroStation CONNECT Edition!