New in MicroStation 2023.1 – Ability to overwrite a cell definition while extracting a cell model

With MicroStation 2023.1, you can now overwrite a cell definition while extracting a cell model. 

Previously, you could not overwrite the cell definition because if the destination DGN contained the same model name as that in the source DGN, the Extract button was disabled. But now, under the same circumstance, you will be prompted to confirm the overwrite when trying to update a cell definition using the Extract cell Model dialog. 


  1. In the Extract Cell Model dialog (Right-click on a parametric cell in the cell library dialog and select Extract Model)
  2. In the Extract to field, click the browse button.
  3. Select the DGN you wish to extract to, the Overwrite Model Name prompt appears.
    Note: The prompt appears only if the destination DGN contains the same model name as that selected in the model name field. 
  1. Click Yes to accept and No to cancel overwrite.
     The library cell is now updated. 

Watch the following video for a quick demo:


Take advantage of this newly introduced enhancement in MicroStation 2023.1, and feel free to share your feedback on our community forums.