New in MicroStation 2023 – Maximum Elements field in the Explorer Settings Dialog

In MicroStation 2023, the Maximum Elements field has been introduced to set the maximum number of elements for viewing properties in the Properties Dialog. You can set the Maximum Elements value as desired. This setting will allow you to view the properties of the specific number of selected elements you wish to see the properties for.   

You can set Maximum Elements by following below Steps: 

  1. Go to File >Settings>User Settings>Explorer Settings.

  2. Enter the value in Maximum Elements field you wish to see properties for. The default value set is 5000 
    Note: If you select more elements than the value specified in the Maximum Elements field you will be alerted by message shown in below image:

    Watch the following video for more information.

    Take advantage of this new introduced setting in MicroStation 2023 and feel free to share your feedback on our community forums.

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