New in MicroStation 2023 – Miscellaneous enhancements

MicroStation 2023 introduces the following minor enhancements keeping user workflows in mind.

Expose View Group name and View Index property in the Saved view

Two new attributes, View Group and View Index in View Group, are added to the Saved Views dialog. These settings display view information for the respective saved views.

ESC exits command for DWG Workmode

For users of DWG it is now easier to be productive in MicroStation with a familiar AutoCAD-like user interface, making it easier to switch between programs.

In the DWG Workmode, the Esc to exit commands option in the Preferences dialog, Input category will be On by default. This means the ESC key when pressed will exit the current command.

Make use of these and other new features in this release and feel free to share feedback or connect with us on the Ideas forum.