New in MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 10 - Performance Enhancement – Model Drop-Down Picker

One of the main areas of focus for MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 10 was on improving performance, especially when accessing the backstage. During our investigations, it was found that some users were seeing a delay accessing the backstage when their files contained a large number of models. This was due to the fact that when going to the backstage, MicroStation would scan the files in the Most Recently Used list to populate the model drop down picker.

In MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 10, the default behavior was changed. The models listed in the Most Recently Used list are now hidden from the model drop down picker, therefore speeding up the time to access the backstage.

If you still prefer to be able to select a model from the open most recently used list, we do have a configuration variable that you can set in order to have the functionality back. The configuration variable that you would need to set is: