New in MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 10: Item Types Picklists and Attaching Multiple Items at Once

MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 10 introduces Picklists support in Item Types.


There is a new dialog, the "Picklists Manager", that lets you create picklists for being used in Item Types properties.

Picklists can be manually created from within the dialog or imported/exported from/to a Microsoft Excel file.

Picklists are saved in the dgn and can be shared using dgnlib files as most of MicroStation's resources.

We have also added the capability of attaching multiple Item Types at once for much faster and efficient tagging of assets in a dgn.


Please bear in mind that "Item Types Picklists" are currently in Technology Preview status, which means that, while we welcome and value your feedback, it should not be used for production.

You can find more details in MicroStation's help file and why not watching our "What's New" video?