New in MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 11 - CONNECT Licensing

CONNECT Licensing is Bentley’s improved licensing model that replaces the SELECT Server License Management system. It provides enhanced security and optimized value for your Bentley subscription. It will not only give you more options to monitor and manage your usage but also provide new, advanced licensing features that enhance digital workflows.

For Users, their experience with MicroStation will largely remain the same. Some noticeable differences for users with the new CONNECT Licensing are:

  • Requirement for users to sign in to CONNECTION Client to activate and access MicroStation
  • License activation keys are no longer required to activate MicroStation
  • Account administrators will have the ability to receive notifications and create alerts to manage unintended use of term licenses
  • Users can be alerted prior to reaching the product usage threshold in order not to generate a term license

Following are the benefits of CONNECT Licensing:

Enhanced Security

CONNECT Licensing integrates the new licensing system with Bentley’s Identity Management System (IMS) and the Bentley CONNECT Technology platform to allow near real-time reporting of usage, improved notification and messaging to the user, and increased administrative capabilities for organization administrators. License entitlements will be granted and maintained through CONNECT Licensing’s Entitlement Management Service. Administrators will be able to monitor and control who accesses MicroStation, as activation will occur through user sign in to the CONNECTION Client.

Activation Through User Sign In

MicroStation activation will no longer require activation keys, instead, will occur through user sign in to the CONNECTION Client with a valid IMS ID associated with their account. By signing into the CONNECTION Client, users can also find your organization's projects, download software updates, receive relevant notifications, and track their usage. Users cannot access MicroStation without signing into the CONNECTION Client. However, users can sign in once and reserve a license for offline use for a specific period. After which they must sign in again to continue using MicroStation.

License Alert Notifications

Our new license alert notifications will warn users when they are about to reach a set usage threshold, beyond which a term license will be generated. This custom threshold can either allow the user to continue working after acknowledging the alert or force the user to stop as to not generate any potential term licenses, based on what the administrator chooses to set. The license alert notification must be enabled by your license administrator. Administrators can also grant or deny access to a user for a product and to configure other restrictions such as disabling offline usage necessary if the organization intends to limit term license generation.

In MicroStation you can access the Bentley Licensing tool from File > Tools > License Management, where you can view the state of the entitlements that you have activated and used, reserve a license for offline use or release a reserved license.

For more information on CONNECT Licensing, click here.