New in MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 11: Configuration Assistant (Technology Preview)

The Configuration Assistant is designed to help a CAD Manager quickly create a CONNECT Configuration so they can re-use the CAD Standards from previous versions. The main purpose is to convert V8i WorkSpaces to CONNECT Configurations. The ability for a CAD Manager to use automated tools to create a CONNECT Configuration will allow them to start using CONNECT Edition products more quickly. One of the obstacles to upgrading to CONNECT is having a working configuration as we changed: variables, folder structures, configuration levels and files. The Configuration Assistant provides a tool to help easily create a CONNECT configuration.

The Configuration Assistant tool would allow CAD Managers to:

  • Create a Configuration by cloning a V8i Workspace standard
    • Use V8i WorkSpace folder structure and create clone (separate, but similar) folder structure for CONNECT Edition
    • Create configuration files to support folder structure [based on V8i]
    • Option to use UCFs and/or PCFs and be converted
      • UCFs to WorkSpaces and PCFs to WorkSets
      • Allow multiple PCFs to be converted at once
    • Advanced version of the Configuration Migration Wizard

The entry point is in the WorkSpace menu on the Work Page.

This opens the Configuration Assistant.

You first select the version and V8i WorkSpace you wish to convert. Then you can select if you want to have it copy/clone (Configuration with data files, most common use case) or have the new CONNECT Configuration point to the original V8i WorkSpace (hybrid of V8i and CONNECT pointing to the same WorkSpace/CAD Standard, not as common).

Next the you get the choice of what V8i Users and Projects to convert to CONNECT WorkSpaces and WorkSets.


Then you select the destination of the new CONNECT Configuration. You can select a local drive or a server drive.

Upon completion you can update your _USTN_CUSTOM_CONFIGURATION variable, which is the most common thing to do, then you can try your newly migrated CONNECT Configuration with any Bentley Power Product.

Finally, a report is generated giving a summary of the migration process and if it succeeded or failed.