New in MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 11: Extract Associative Elements (Technology Preview)

MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 10 introduces a new exciting 3D modeling feature:

The Associative Extraction of Edges and Faces.

This tools lets you extract edges and faces from parametric solids keeping associativity with their parents elements.

The new Associative Extraction Tool works pretty much as the standard Extract Tool, it only adds a few more options, including Offsetting the extracted associative face and a couple more behavioural settings.

Associative Elements.mp4

These new "Associative Elements" can then be used as input elements for new parametric features, allowing you to drive very complex models with just a bunch of variables or pieces of geometry.

Associative Elements 2.mp4

As this is a Technology Preview feature, remember that it is still not to be used in production environment or with production data.

As always we value your opinion and greatly welcome your feedback!