New in MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 11: Item Types - Excel Interops (Technology Preview)

MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 11 introduces an exciting new feature: Item Types Import/Export from/to Excel

With MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 11 you can now import/export both your Item Types definitions and instance data from/to Excel. 

Being able to export and import Item Types' instance data to Excel means that you can now edit all the properties of your item types instances and have them updated in the dgn file by simply reimporting the amended Excel file.

You can export instance data from All item Types in a dgn model or only from instances in your current selection or those included in a fence.

You can also now define your item types libraries in Excel and have them created in a dgn by importing the Excel file. you can do this by first exporting a sample Item Type library to Excel and then use the exported data as a template for creating your complex libraries.

As this is a Technology Preview feature, remember that it is still not to be used in production environment or data and pelase share your feedback with us!