New in MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 11: Named Presentations (Technology Preview)

MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 11 introduces an exciting new feature: Named Presentations

Named Presentations is a new MicroStation feature that lets you define a different representation of your components to be displaid in a particular view orientation, so that only the specified graphics will be shown in the assigned view orientation.

Named presentations works with parametric cells but the geometry doesn't need to be parametric or 2D/3D.

Setting up Named Presentation is very easy, you need to open the feature dialog, click the "Add" button and then tick the view orientation in which you want to display a particular set of geometry. Then simply select the geometry and accept. 

You can use the dialog to easily filter the geometry to display while eidting your component and to add/remove graphics to each presentation.

You can also turn on or off Named Presentation display for each view from the View Attributes dialog, very simply.

As this is a Technology Preview feature, remember that it is still not to be used in production environment or data and pelase share your feedback with us!