New in MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 12 – Configuration Assistant

The Configuration Migration Wizard is now upgraded to Configuration Assistant that will help you create a CONNECT based Configuration from an existing V8i based WorkSpace. The Configuration Assistant accomplishes a few more tasks as compared to the Configuration Migration Wizard:

  • Identifies installed MicroStation and MicroStation based products on your machine and lists the default WorkSpaces for each product.
  • Converts legacy User (.ucf) to WorkSpace (.cfg).
  • Converts legacy Project (.pcf) to WorkSet (.cfg).
  • Moves Site level configuration (by default set to ..\\WorkSpace\Standards) to Organization level (..\\Configuration\Organization\).
  • Optionally copies all the project data files.

You can access this tool from the WorkSpace drop-down on the work page:

Or from the File Menu, Settings > Configuration > Configuration Migration

This tool is released as a Technology Preview feature in this update, so you can try migrating your legacy WorkSpace to CONNECT Edition Configuration. You can read the detailed blog post on Configuration Assistant and MicroStation Help for better understanding the tool.

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