New In MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 13 - Components Center

MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 13 integrates with Bentley's ProjectWise Components Center service via the Components Center Explorer and Components Center Upload dialogs.

Components Center is a cloud-based digital component library and catalog management service. It allows you to efficiently manage your organization’s digital component repositories while providing you with industry approved, proprietary components. The geometry and business data associated with the components is available for use in all phases of the asset’s lifecycle.

The Components Center Explorer dialog in MicroStation CONNECT Edition lets you browse the catalogs available in your organization and the Bentley Systems sample content.

You can search for a component by its name, use relevant filters, show properties and supporting information and quickly place any piece of content available in your catalogs.

The Components Center Upload dialog lets you upload DGN models to your organization's catalogs as components. You can select the destination catalog and define all the properties for uploading your components in the right location.

From this dialog components will be uploaded in "Draft" status and will follow the Components Center Service's review and publishing workflow.

You can check the below article for more information on this service and how you can benefit from it:

Please read the Components Center wikis to understand the various aspects of this service and how to create and use components in your workflows:

Note: Components Center is a General Access Technology Preview feature and hence should be used for testing in non-production environments and we welcome your precious feedback.