New in MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 13 - The V8i Task Theme

Improving the user experience has been a prime focus in each MicroStation CONNECT Edition update. Just like the Windows 8.1 desktop user experience, MicroStation CONNECT Edition leverages a ribbon interface. If you have recently migrated to the CONNECT Edition from V8i, you might find it difficult to navigate the ribbon initially. To simplify your workflow while maintaining your productivity, MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 13 introduces the V8i Task Theme.

The V8i Task Theme gives you a familiar V8i user interface for use in MicroStation CONNECT Edition, so you can access any tools with relative ease. This gives you time to explore the ribbon and gradually get a hang of using it. There is no need to set any configuration variable or preference, to enable the V8i Theme. You can turn it on in quick two steps.

To Turn on the V8i Task Theme:

  1. Select Task Navigation in the workflow drop-down.

2. Select V8i Task Theme in the Select Task picker.

The V8i Tasks user interface is set and ready for use.

You can see the primary toolbars at the top and on the left you will find the V8i tasks along with other workflows and tool groups. To enable the Ribbon, you can select the desired workflow in the select task picker or in the workflow drop-down menu.

However, it should be noted that the V8i Task Theme is a close representation of the V8i user interface and not 100 percent the same as the original V8i user interface.

If you wish to use positional keyboard navigation you can turn on Position Mapping in Settings > Preferences > Position Mapping. The keyboard shortcuts will display on the left-hand side of the Tasks panel.
 We look forward to hearing from you about how useful this enhancement is and if you have any suggestions for improvement. if you’re interested in speaking with a Bentley expert about making the move to MicroStation CONNECT Edition, please complete this form to have someone contact you to provide advice and assistance.

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