New in MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 14 - Ability to Add or Remove an Element to Named Presentation(s) in the Properties Dialog

When working with 3D models, some geometric components need to display different symbols in different view contexts, and simple projections may not be sufficient. The Named Presentations feature allows you to do so and with MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 14, you can now control the participation of an element in the Named Presentation from the Properties dialog. You can set the value to True or False in the Named Presentation section of the Properties dialog to add or remove a selected element from Named Presentation.

Note: You can set and change the participation of an element to Named Presentation from the Properties dialog only if both the below mentioned conditions are satisfied for the active model’s properties.

  • “Cell Type” is set to “Parametric”
  • Can be placed as “Cell” is set to “True”



We look forward to hearing from you about how useful this enhancement is and if you have any suggestions for improvement. if you’re interested in speaking with a Bentley expert about making the move to MicroStation CONNECT Edition, please complete this form to have someone contact you to provide advice and assistance.

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