New in MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 14 - Access V8i Task Theme from Quick Access Toolbar

The V8i Task Theme introduced in Update 13 of MicroStation CONNECT Edition was a welcome change for users who have recently migrated to the CONNECT Edition from V8i. The V8i task theme eases the process of transitioning to the new CONNECT interface by providing a familiar layout of tools for easy access.

In Update 14 the V8i Task option has been added to the Quick Access Toolbar for quicker easier access. There is no need to set any configuration variable (MS_TASKNAVIGATION_CONFIGURATION) or preference, to enable the V8i Theme.

You can now access the V8i Task theme and its various styles from the V8i button next to the Workflow drop-down menu in the Quick Access Toolbar. From the drop-down menu, you can choose Ribbon, Dialog, Toolbox or ComboBox style to display the V8i tools.




Displays the CONNECT tools in the Ribbon.


Displays the V8i tools in the Tasks dialog on the left-hand side.


Displays the Tasks toolbox.


Displays the Tasks ComboBox.

Screen capturing MicroStation V8i SS10 User Interface

Screen capturing showing MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 14's User Interface with the V8i Task Theme set to Dialog Box.

It is available for Drawing, Modeling, and Visualization workflows. It can also be accessed via the Task Navigation workflow.

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